Freshly Baked Breads

Our Breads can be made in all shapes and sizes, which can be determined by a number of factors including the type of ingredients, how the dough is shaped, how the product is topped or finished, as well as how it is baked. Benjamin's Bakery prides itself on creating just the right baked products for our customers or your business. The following is merely a guide to the many fine breads we can make for you; any of these products can be custom designed to your specifications!


Our own special recipe, made in a variety of styles and with natural preservatives.


French term for "stick" - a long, thin shaped bread, up to several feet in length, 2-4 inches in diameter


Similar to a baguette except shorter and usually wider (the baguette's squat cousin)


Describes a larger, round bread baked on a flat surface. It can be hollowed out to form a bread "bowl" for serving soup, dips, etc.


Bread made from braiding strands of dough together to form a decorative loaf.


Classic French bread made with a high concentration of eggs, milk and sugar - perfect for French toast


Traditional braided egg bread, with a tinted yellow coloring (similar to brioche though not as sweet)


An open crumbed flat bread, usually 1-2 inches thick with a round or free form shape and usually topped with herbs, tomatoes, cheese, etc.


A sweet, biscuit-like bread made with buttermilk and raisins, served with traditional Irish meals or on St. Patrick's Day


Usually a dinner roll that has been formed by tying a strand of dough into a small knot with a hand-made appearance


A typical square cornered loaf of bread, standard for sandwiches


Made from durum wheat - a hard, pale-yellow colored wheat, silkier than other flours with a finer crumb

Shape: We can make most any bread into most any shape - oval loaf, Pullman loaf, demi (small-size) loaf, French-type loaf, braid, bun, knot, ring, hoagie, batard, twist, square, flat, etc.

Classic Bread "Flavors": • White • Wheat • Rye • Brioche • Egg • Pumpernickel • Sourdough • Multigrain • Potato

Almost any type of bread, however, can be made with specialty ingredients mixed in during the dough stage. Some flavors you might consider include, but are not limited to, the following which can be added singularly or in combinations:

Garlic Herb • Olive • Rosemary • Jalapeno • Pesto • Sun-dried Tomato • Basil • Cheddar • Honey • Raisin 

For additional variety, we can top or finish any bread with several choices of seeds or other flavorings:

Sesame • Poppy • Onion • Everything Mix (sesame, poppy, onion, garlic, salt) • Caraway • Garlic Parmesan/Herb • Cinnamon Sugar • Oat Bran • Cracked Wheat • Semolina • Corn Meal • Sunflower seeds

So, as you can see, your bread choices are almost limitless. We are here to help and would be happy to recommend a bread or roll that would be a great match for your menu, buffet or event.