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Benjamin’s Bakery is a privately owned and operated bakery with strong ties and involvement in the community. We offer quality and selection in a wide variety of fresh, baked daily products . . . products that your customers will love … products that will set you apart. We believe that better bread equals a better dining experience!


We bake fresh daily using fine fresh ingredients and traditional baking methods. Our clientele has diverse needs, and we strive to meet and exceed their expectations. We provide you with better bread along with a professional level of personalized customer care.


A staple in the Surfside Beach community has been Benjamin’s Bakery and Café for over 25 years, where delicious bagels and baked goods are prepared freshly every day.

This family-run bakery provides some of their products to over 100 other businesses in the area while also serving breakfast and lunch from their bustling kitchen.

Benjamin’s fits in nicely with the beachy feel of Surfside with a colorful mural on the outside and a relaxed atmosphere on the inside. Many guests bustle in with flip-flops and shorts on, occasionally with sand following after them. Despite the steady flow of customers and constant movement behind the counter, the employees remain cheerful, exchanging banter with each other and their regulars.

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By midday, much of the bakery’s stock of fresh bread and bagels have been depleted especially now with people stocking up before a day at the beach. Feel free to ask about their inventory while reading the menu, and don’t forget to look into any specials they might have.

Breakfast is served all day, giving patrons the opportunity to enjoy their breakfast options at any time such as the quiche or quesadilla, or even Benjamin’s unique creation, the Surfside Beach, a baguette topped with turkey, avocado, an egg, spinach, and bacon with some basil pesto mayo.

Of course, guests can always just stick with a bagel, either plain or “toasted and shmeared.”

Lunch sandwiches can be served on a bagel, baguette, or in a wrap, unless otherwise specified, like with the delicious Cran-errific sandwich. Cranberry multigrain bread is pretty amazing on its own, but being topped with turkey, cheese, spinach, tomatoes, and Benjamin’s cranberry spread takes it to another level. All lunch meals come with a side of bagel chips and an option for pasta salad, coleslaw, fruit, or potato salad.

Smoothies and coffee beverages such as lattes and frappes can be small or large and are made upon order. Benjamin’s makes it easy for guests to take food with them, but there is plenty to look at for those who dine in, like the art decorating the walls and other miscellaneous products for sale.

The café doesn’t shy away from hosting events and supporting the community despite how busy they remain, including a weekly online giveaway for free bagels. They make regular appearances at the Surfside farmers market, participate in festivals, encourage local businesses through delectable donations, and often host events for great causes like supporting Autism awareness.

In every sense, this café and bakery has been a business for the community and in return has been loved and supported through two decades of hard work. There’s no doubt, Benjamin’s Bakery is always cooking up something fresh and wonderful.


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Benjamin’s Bakery is a family owned & operated business who supports and utilizes other locally-owned small businesses.

We are proud to provide Quality Fresh Baked Goods to: RiptydzAmerican Tap HouseRIOZ Brazilian Steakhouse, Bi-Lo & Food Lion Grocery Stores, Surfside Pizza, Borgata Bar, Malibu of Surfside and many more.